The Egyptian Government has taken measures in order to contain the virus as best they can. The Traveline team have created this page with the intention of keeping you informed and updated about the regulations and laws put in place to put your minds at rest should you consider visiting Egypt in the near future; once airports are open and things start to go back to normal. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Take Care.


UPDATE 24THJUNE2020: Have a look at the Egypt Air health and safety precautions put in place to ensure guests have a safe flight, please click here.

UPDATE 20THJUNE2020: In the effort to aid the Tourism industry, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has decided to postpone the increase of entrances fees until the 30th of April 2021.


Please click the link above to view a detailed document on the regulations and procedures put in place by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to ensure Egypt is safe and ready to resume Tourism activities.

14thJUNE2020 – The Ministry of Aviation and Tourism announced the return of the tourist and air flights, starting in early July, with a series of checks and conditions.

The Minister of aviation said, during his speech at the press conference, ” The beginning of July, the start of flights with all aviation in the Republic of Egypt, and the air movement will gradually return with some of the country, and all the measures taken in the previous period have been proactive, through 4 major steps that will be taken during the upcoming period ”

below are the steps:

  1. Ensure the continuous sterilization of airports
  2. Provide dry meals and canned drinks only
  3. Prohibiting the distribution of publications and folders on the floor
  4. It is only necessary for travelers from countries where the health organization declares that the outbreak of the Corona virus has reached the level of the epidemic, to present the result of the “PCR” test.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, announced the resumption of the incoming tourist movement to 3 governorates, which are Southern Sinai, Red Sea and Matrouh, starting the 1st of July.

Al-Anani added, during his speech to the press conference at the Ministry of Information, that working regulations were set up for hotel facilities, including the following rules:

  1. Do not open any hotels unless they have obtained a license from the Ministry of Tourism and Health, confirming that all decisions will be made in case of hotel violation.
  2. On a 50 seater tour bus (maximum capacity) only 25 people will be permitted.
  3. In small (coaster) buses with a 22 seat capacity (maximum) only 10 people will be permitted.
  4. In the minibus of a 14 seat capacity (maximum) only 6 people will be permitted.
  5. A standard sedan (limousine), only 2 passengers permitted.
  6. On sailboats and motorboats, depending on their size and keeping safe distances, there will be restrictions on capacity.
  7. No triple rooms permitted.
  8. There will be no group parties inside hotel facilities.
  9. Increasing the distances between chairs in hotel restaurants and measuring temperature for restaurant frequenters before entering.
  10. Serve food in disposable dishes as much as possible and remove paper covers.
  11. Tourist groups must not exceed more than 25 people until further notice
  12. The number of visitors to major museums does not exceed 200 visitors per hour, such as the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and 100 in other museums.
  13. The Ministry announced hotels are required to operate at a maximum capacity of 50%.
  14. Those working in Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada living in the Nile Valley and Delta stay for 60 days in the workplace to reduce traffic on roads, as well as the need to quarantine and inspect, conduct awareness sessions and reduce the absorption of worker’s rooms by half
  15. Measuring guest temperature upon entering the premises, self-sterilization and electronic payment when possible
  16. Rooms should not be accommodated for 12 hours until it is properly ventilated
  17. From the 1st of July the pyramids, the Egyptian museum, the temples of Abu Simbel, Karnak and Philae will open. Come September, they will open all other tourist spots.
  18. Travel agencies should offer masks to their customers in closed tourist locations, such as the museum.
  19. Cruise ships will return around September/October, as more security measures may be offered, as foreign agencies have asked.
  20. Egypt visa will be free until the end of October for those flying with Egypt Air or Air Cairo.
  21. From the 1st of July the cities of Sharm el Sheikh, Matruh and the Red Sea (Hurghada) will be open for tourists.
  22. 20% off for tickets to tourist sites, until the end of October.
  23. Mummies room will not be available any more for visitors because all mummies will be transferred soon to the Egyptian museum of civilizations

JUNE 2020 – The Egyptian Prime Minster approved with immediate effect to exempt tourists arriving on direct flights to touristic resorts excluding Cairo from paying visa fees until October 31st 2020 (end of this summer). This decision was made to give Egypt competitive advantage in the tourism market and reviving business at Egyptian tourist destinations.

The Egyptian Government has increased restrictions during the public Eid holiday for the safety of the population.

  • Public Transportation is stopping for the duration of the Eid holiday (Sunday 24th till Friday 29th of May).
  • The current curfew of 21:00h has changed too 17:00h
  • Shops, restaurants and parks are legally obliged to close for the duration of the Eid Holiday.


  • Hotel operations will resume on the 15th of May 2020 with a maximum capacity of 25% of the total hotel capacity
  • On the 1st of June 2020 the maximum capacity will be increased to 50% of the total hotel capacity.

Terms & conditions

  • Properties that wish to reopen in May will send an application to the EHA (Egyptian Hotels Association) and must go through safety audit. Once the audit is complete and the property is approved, a certificate of acceptance will be issued by the EHA and the hotel can proceed with re-opening.
    • The audit will take 10 days from the date of application
    • Clinic and resident doctor must be available at hotel with constant coordination with Egyptian Ministry of Health.
    • Ensure the quality of the sanitizing and sterilizing materials (only products approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health will be used).
    • Coordinate with the safety department in the ministry of environment about the big water tanks.
    • An inspection by a team with members from the Egyptian Ministry of Health and EHA will be conducted to ensure the property has adhered to all terms & conditions before the final approval is granted.

Precautionary measures

  • No more than 2 adults in one room with the possibility to add only 1 child in case of family room.
  • Meal plan will be decided by hotels
  • All protection tools such as gloves, masks and sanitizers must be readily available for use at all times by guests and staff.
  • 50% maximum capacity for elevators
  • Good ventilation everywhere
  • Awareness banners everywhere to educate guests on how to stop the spread of the virus
  • Valet service is prohibited
  • Weddings, parties or any night events are prohibited
  • 50% maximum capacity for the casino
  • Dedicate one floor within the hotel for minor and moderate cases (in case discovered)


  • Install sterilizing device in the hotel entrance.
  • Check in procedure will be completed with single use pen (if not electronically)
  • Sanitizing the guests luggage and personal belongings before entering the hotel premises.
  • Each and every time a guest enters the hotel premises their temperature will be checked.
  • Bottles of sanitizer must be available, at all times, everywhere in the reception.
  • Regulated sanitization of all public areas.
  • More care and attention for guests with medical history or over the age of 65.
  • In the event that a positive case is discovered the hotel MUST coordinate with the Egyptian ministry of health on how to isolate the case whether in the hotel or hospital according the case severity.
  • Hotel website must have all T&C for the guests information.

Hotels staff

  • Maximum staff rate within the hotel should not exceed 50% of the total staff
  • Rapid test will take place for all hotels staff before they go for vacation and after they are back from vacation.
  • Daily temperature check for all staff.
  • Rapid test equipment will be available through the EHA only for approved properties.
  • Hotels must have separate accommodation for staff with a reasonable number of staff
  • Hotels are responsible for arranging a dedicated area for infected staff (minor and moderate cases).
  • Hotel is responsible for arranging accommodation for people working in shops within the hotel premises.
  • Staff with medical history will not be in physical direct contact with guests.
  • All staff will be educated with basic COVID-19 information.


  • Open buffet is prohibited and hotel will apply ONLY set menus or a la carte
  • Shisha (water pipes) are prohibited
  • Guests’ temperature will be taken upon entering restaurant.
  • Two meters distance between each table and one meter distance between each person on same table. Families will only be allowed 6 on one table.
  • Use single use cutlery (where possible)
  • Sanitizers and wet towels will be on all dining tables
  • COVID-19 awareness signs everywhere

Swimming pools and beaches

  • Regular purification and sanitizing for swimming pool using the maximum percent of Chlorine to kill COVID-19
  • Sterilizing the beach and pool surrounding areas including tables, chairs, sunbeds after the use of each guests and after the closure of the area.
  • Two meter distance between sunbeds
  • Beach towels will be placed in rooms
  • Reduce the animation team activities on beach and pool

Gym & Spa

  • Keep adequate distance between equipment
  • Equipment will be sterilized after each guests’ use.
  • Jacuzzi, massage and sauna are prohibited
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing to all toilets and bathrooms within the Gym every hour
  • Showers in Gym are prohibited
  • Guests from outside hotel are not allowed to enter the Gym area

Laundry and house keeping

  • Sanitize all rooms on daily basis using special tools and follow the Egyptian ministry of Health instructions
  • Sterilizing all touched points every hour in all public areas and public toilets using the tools approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Sanitizing all corridors and guest rooms after guest’s departure
  • Steam instrument to sanitize furniture and fabrics must be used
  • Wash towels and linens at high temperature points and sanitize after laundry is complete
  • Bed linen and towels will not be changed daily by hotel staff, instead guests will be asked to change their own linens.
  • Rubbish will be destroyed in safe place in accordance with the ministry of environment and the ministry of health

Touristic activities and diving

  • Sanitizing all tools by using Chlorine 10%
  • Clean the surface and the places where it has regular use such as toilets, door handles, desk surfaces
  • Special conditions for the guests on board all boats
  • Each guest has his/her own equipment that is not shared with other guests
  • Check guests temperature and ensure paracetamols are always available
  • List of all guests participating in the activities must be sent to people in charge

*Internal supervision procedures

  • The hotel manager will sign a report that his property will comply with the following:
    • Issue log book with all details and conditions which have been achieved and recorded in details like the date and time when the disinfectant was used and names of the staff on duty
    • Log book to be updated on daily basis
    • Report any infected case whether within staff or guests
    • In case the hotel is in breach of any of the above, the manager’s license and the hotel’s license will be suspended
  • On the 24th of April 2020, new measures from the government were announced and were taken effective from the 25th of April 2020:
  1. The Government of Egypt announced the extension of the nationwide, the curfew now begins at 21h00 and ends at 06h00 in the morning, the next day.
  2. Shops and commercial centers will still be working from 06h00 till 17h00 but they are not permitted to open on Friday & Saturday.
  3. Restaurants will be allowed to serve food on a take out basis, under the condition to keep the seating area close.
  4. Some additional Governmental offices in contact with the Egyptian citizens will resume work.
  1. Several companies in the private sector have asked their employees to work from home.
  2. The majority of hotels throughout Egypt have announced the complete shut down till beginning of June 2020.
  3. All beaches (private and public), private yachts and Nile activities will be closed and off-limits during the Easter holiday.
  • On the 24th of March 2020 it was announced that the following measures were taken effective from the 25th of March 2020:
  1. Complete closure of restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs, sporting clubs till further notice. However, restaurants were allowed to deliver food.
  2. A night curfew effective from 19h00 to 06h00 next day.
  3. Public and private transportation working hours from 06h00 till 19h00.
  4. Shops & commercial centers working hours from 06h00 till 17h00 with a complete closure on Friday & Saturday.
  5. Bakeries, pharmacies & supermarkets were allowed to work for 24hrs.
  6. Government has suspended any offices in direct contact with citizens except for birth certificate issuance till the 16th of April and this has been extended.
  7. Government sectors to work with 50% capacity.
  8. Hospitals were close except for emergencies.
  • On the 22nd of March 2020, all ports in Egypt were closed for 2 weeks and this has been extended till further notice.
  • On the 14th of March 2020 a decision was taken to suspend all schools, nurseries, educational centers and universities till further notice.


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