Nile Cruises

Traveline Egypt's 5 Nile cruise boats are managed by Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts.

Our five boats each distinct in nature offer the state of the art facilities, are serviced by highly trained staff, and adhere to the utmost health and safety standards via our contract with Crystal Hygiene Company which check our boats on a monthly basis.

With that being said, we believe our boats are the ideal way to cruise the Nile, exploring the mysteries of 7,000 years of ancient Egyptian history.

Cruise of the year.

S/S Misr

Originally constructed in 1918 and later transformed into a luxury Nile steamer for King Farouk, the SS Misr rekindles the nostalgia of a golden age with true luxury facilities and service.

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M/S Hamees

Being among the largest and best-appointed crafts on the river Nile our MS Hamees features a comfortable and contemporary design with top facilities and attentive staff.

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S/B Feddya

Featuring only four suites onboard our boutique sailboat SB Feddya offers you the closest experience to having your own private yacht – enjoy this exclusive concept for cruising the river Nile.

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M/S Darakum

Being one of the only boats operating the long cruise, our MS Darakum features an outstanding Moroccan inspired design and unique accommodation, facilities and service.

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M/S Sun Ray

Boasting an elegant and traditional design with stylish features, spacious public areas and first-class service the MS Sunray offers everything you wish for your perfect stay.

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